Album & PhotoBook Design

For over 15 years, I’ve been designing bespoke photobooks and album layouts for photographers, with an emphasis on maintaining a strong visual narrative. I have a simple design philosophy to create clean layouts with a timeless feel, to display each photographer’s interpretation of an event or subject at their best.

album and photobook design


Design begins long before the actual layout process. A mish-mash of colourised treatments will rarely sit harmoniously on one spread. During your editing process, aim for consistent style for images which may potentially appear together on a spread to prevent visually jarring layouts.

For wedding & portrait work, for a clean design which will not date, I recommend allowing an average of 2 images per single page, however I suggest supplying a slightly larger selection for me to work with. Obviously certain events of the day will lend themselves to spread of more images, but I prefer to keep these to a minimum. If you have key images which must be included, indicate this by placing them in a separate folder.

If you allow your clients to select their album images, ask for just a selection of favourites, rather than a gazillion.  Whilst clients may well be able to choose their own favourite single images, these do not always translate well to a strong narrative in book / album format.  If you choose to allow your client to make a selection, also communicate that you / your designer will choose the balance of the images suited to the best layout and narrative, rather than an expensive scrapbook.  Noone wants that!


I design using Adobe InDesign.  Layouts can be returned to you as either InDesign files or print-ready JPG / TIFF / PDF files.

You’ll also need to send me the required technical details: album manufacturer, style, dimensions, cover style and page quantity.

If you’re a professional photographer and you’d like to discuss album and book design services, please contact me for a chat!